Welcome to our 3 day program!

While it may seem like all fun & games to our lil' ones, our 3 day program is filled with educational elements. Age appropriate skills are taught, such as- letter & sound recognition, tracing skills, basic pre-math skills.  Weekly themes provide a broad idea that we touch on daily throughout the week in different ways.  Throughout each month, we also focus on-



-creative journaling

-and so much more!

daily Schedule

8:30-8:45 (12:15-12:30)- arrival
Our doors open up at 8:30 for AM, 12:15 for PM.
8:45-9:15 (12:30-1:00)- free play 
As the kids arrive they have time for free play in our various centers.  This time allows them to get into the groove of the day and meet  & play with their friends before we begin our day together.  
9:15-9:30 (1:00-1:15)- circle time
Our morning meeting time!  We think it's important for the kids to feel like we're our own little community. We use this time to talk about what we'll be doing that morning, sing songs, dance, read a story, and talk about things that are important to each of them. 
9:30-9:45 (1:15-1:30)- small group activity/learning
Our first small group time is a learning time to focus on one of the early learning concepts that we're working on.  It may be alphabet related, number related, fine motor skills.
9:45-10:15 (1:30-2:00)- center time
 Center time is an important time for the kids to learn social skills and different concepts from the many centers in our room which include- number center, discovery center, sensory bins, reading center, art center, writing center, and block center.  The kids play in the center of their choice in small groups.   
10:15-10:30 (2:00-2:15)- snack time
Snack is provided by Little Beans and consist of milk or water and a small yummy snack such as crackers, cookies, fruit, etc.
10:30-10:45 (2:15-2:30)- story time
We read a short story that goes along with our monthly theme.  Throughout the year, we learn about authors & illustrators, settings,  parts of the stories and critical thinking as we answer questions about the stories we read.
10:45-11:00 (2:30-2:45)- small group activity/creative
We use this time to do an activity based on our weekly theme.  It could be an art project, gross motor skill activity, sensory fun, science activity.  We love hands-on fun and often explore different outlets of learning during this small group time.
11:00-11:30 (2:45-3:15)- center time
As we finish up our last small group activity, we head to centers again.
11:30-11:45 (3:15-3:30)- closing circle time
A quick recap of what we did that day & what we'll do when they come back.